Humanity First has been established in Sierra Leone since 2001 and has been able to respond to a range of modest scale local disasters as well as focussing on longer term projects.


Water for Life
Humanity First is working on a number of projects related to the supply of safe drinking water in rural areas of Sierra Leone including village hand-pumps, and also gravity fed systems since 2005 in areas such as Bo, Lungi and Port Loko. So far, 24 pumps have been installed in Sierra Leone.

Education/ Knowledge for Life
Humanity First has been working on a range of education programmes including the provision of reference books and science lab equipment.

Orphan Care
Humanity First has been providing food, water, shelter, clothing, education and training for vulnerable orphans. Humanity First Sierra Leone has been helping over 50 orphans in Sierra Leone.

Learn a Skill
Subsidised vocational training in IT and tailoring for the poorer members of society since 2003. Humanity First has been offering vocational training in Freetown (Lungi) and Makeni. Over 400 students have been trained in Makeni and a further 450 in Freetown.

Feed a Village
Humanity First began a few years ago with its Feed a Family programme providing monthly ration packs (rice, cooking oil, tomato paste and salt) for disabled and elderly people in rural areas who had no other means of support and were vulnerable. Since then, Humanity First has invested in village level projects where Humanity First provides tools, seeds, fertilizer and access to irrigation and tractors to help local farmers.

Gift of Sight
Humanity First has started offering low cost cataract operations since 2012 which are changing peoples lives.